Representatives of Owner Interests

Our focus in managing commercial real estate is to represent and uphold the interests of our clients. What enables us to take the place of the property owner is that, as a global property manager, we are unhampered by conflicts of interest. This is the freedom we need to assess each situation from the owner’s perspective and to act accordingly, in the best interest of the client. It would be harder to ensure the necessary objectivity if we were a real estate service company affiliated to a construction group, brokerage firm or bank.

Multidimensional management

As a full-service provider, we take care of every single element of commercial real estate management, whatever the dimension and whether related to tenants, objects or investors.

Strategic portfolio management

We do more than just take care of individual objects, we work with you to develop solutions for the strategic ­management of your entire property portfolio. Our ­proprietary SAP software means that we always have a demanding eye on your property's data.

Dedicated personal contacts

Our nationwide presence means that we are close to our clients, and close to your properties, wherever they are in Germany. Every one of our clients benefits from the full support of a client manager who acts as a dedicated partner for each investor, property and property portfolio. As an investor, your key account manager will closely supervise the entire lifecycle of your investment and coordinate the full range of property-related services.

Creating and maximising value

We don't just manage your assets, we coordinate with you to develop sustainable and market-specific master concepts to preserve and increase the value of your real estate.

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