Thursday, November 10, 2022

IC Immobilien Gruppe and HIH Property Management GmbH restructure management

  • Bettina Höffmann joins management of IC Property Management GmbH
  • Operational management of IC Property Management GmbH to also be responsibility of HPM in the future
  • Markus Reinert FRICS, André Vollbach and Uwe Koch concentrating on the management of the holding company and the integration of both companies

At the end of 2021 HIH Property Management GmbH (HPM) and IC Immobilien Gruppe merged and commenced with the corresponding integration process. The two companies have continually grown together in the past months.

With the appointment of André Vollbach und Uwe Koch as additional managing directors of IC Immobilien Holding GmbH as of 7 September 2022 the management capacity of the holding company has been increased. While Markus Reinert and André Vollbach will concentrate on the operational and strategic development of the business model, as an experienced integration manager Uwe Koch will provide support on an interim basis with regard to the amalgamation of the two companies.

As the next step in the merger of HPM and IC Property Management GmbH to form one strong joint property management company Bettina Höffmann, Sabine Giesen-Kirchhofer, Michael Greis and Karsten Körper-Fitzgerald have been appointed to the management of HPM as of 1 October 2022 and thus replace the previous HPM managing directors, André Vollbach and Markus Reinert.

Parallel to this Bettina Höffmann was also appointed in October 2022 as an additional managing director of IC Property Management GmbH. Together the four managing directors will be responsible for the commercial, technical and accounting property management of both companies at management level. They will be supported by a team of experienced managers, made up of representatives of both companies.

The restructuring of the two companies’ management bodies is intended to ensure that the new joint property management company is able to continually develop with the know-how of IC Immobilien Gruppe and HPM, while at the same time the entire IC Immobilien Gruppe is strengthened on a sustainable basis by the merger.


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