Real estate plays a key role in environmental protection and the energy turnaround. It is an area that is decisive when it comes to the question facing society as to how sustainable our working and living worlds already are – and will be in the future. Ultimately, real estate throughout Germany is responsible for approx. 35 per cent of energy consumption and approx. 30 per cent of CO2 emissions.

We support our clients, investors and business partners with ESG-compliant real estate investments and the sustainable management of commercial properties.

Sustainable investment

As early as the acquisition stage we actively support our investors on issues relating to the topic of ESG.

We integrate ESG criteria into our due diligence processes and develop strategies for sustainable real estate investments. In doing so we also utilise the experience we have amassed in the management of real estate portfolios.

Sustainable optimisation of your real estate

A solid data basis is a fundamental requirement for being able to measure and optimise the sustainability of real estate.

On the basis of the recorded building and usage data we analyse the consumption (electricity, water, heating energy), emissions (CO2) and the volume of waste of the properties managed by us, before developing proposals for optimisation measures.

Thanks to our technical competence we are also able to cost calculate and implement these measures.

We are already realising numerous measures for our clients, investors and business partners so as to ensure individual properties and portfolios are more sustainable.