On the one hand, social commitment for us means being an attractive, sustainable and social employer. Yet we also want to have a positive impact on society outside the confines of our company, and this is why we regularly seek out social projects which we as a company can support financially and where our employees can make an active contribution.

Our most valuable asset is our personnel

Our employees form the basis for the long-term success of our company. They create the added value which we want to offer our clients, investors and business partners.

Only satisfied, successful and healthy employees can secure the future of our company.

We promote fair, trust-based interaction with one another as well as a positive working environment through regular team-building measures and employee events, for example.

From nutrition and exercise courses, to the promotion of fitness centre memberships, through to our annual Health Day – our Company Health Management Scheme goes far beyond statutory requirements. We assume responsibility for the well-being of our employees. The objective is the promotion of good physical and mental health. Naturally this includes flexible working hours, the possibility for mobile working, a good work-life balance, as well as reconciling family needs with professional demands.

Job bicycle as a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative

Appointments with our clients, on-site meetings, property tours, the hand-over of rented space etc. – the day-to-day work of our employees involves a diversity of appointments outside the office. We just need to jump in one of the fleet vehicles or a taxi and we are on our way.

But in times of increasing environmental consciousness, gridlocked roads and the ever-increasing importance of promoting good health at work, the idea of a job bicycle is gaining in significance. We have decided to provide our employees with job bicycles for these short journeys.

But also for private use, our employees have the opportunity to lease their personal bicycle of choice at low cost through a cooperation between IC Immobilien Gruppe and JobRad. Whether you are travelling to work, in everyday life, with your family in leisure time or during sports - the JobRad can (and should) be used without restriction. A clear win-win situation for the environment and our health.

"KiWIS Christmas-Donation"

Increasing the educational opportunities of children and young people: that is the goal of the WISAG KiWIS Foundation. With a wide range of offers and funding programs, the foundation would like to make a contribution to a colorful and functioning society.

To support this goal, we visited the KiWIS children at their Advent campaign, baking cookies at the WISAG headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, and marveled at many hard-working, sticky dough hands and great cookies. And on this occasion we were able to personally hand over our 5,000 Euro Christmas donation check.

"Engelbaum Project"

Children are our most precious members of our society – they are our future!

Every child should grow up in a happy, secure and carefree environment. Unfortunately, not all children are quite so lucky. Together with our employees and the Engelbaum Project, we have ensured that Christmas wishes can also come true for these children.

Thanks to all the donations we were able to cover the cost for a total of 85 wish lists. We trust that our support has put smiles on the faces and hope in the hearts of deserving children all across Germany.

“Basketball goes to school”

The fact is that sport and exercise are currently more important than ever before.

With the school initiative “Basketball goes to school” FRAPORT SKYLINERS e.V. has been pursuing the objective since 2008 already of motivating children and youngsters to adopt a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

As many as 3,000 children exercise in some 140 study groups each week, assisted by the "Frankfurt Skyliners". All this has only been possible thanks to the financial support provided by the project’s sponsors.

IC Immobilien Gruppe is also a supporter of the initiative and is thus making a decisive contribution to large numbers of children and youngsters having the opportunity to exercise regularly.

"Sports equipment for children with impaired hearing"

Fun is an important motivating factor for children when it comes to sport. A wide range of sports and playground equipment arouses their curiosity and the pleasure they take in exercise. The boys and girls at a school in Frankfurt am Main for children with impaired hearing wanted additional sports equipment to ensure more diversity in their new exercise room.

Their “wish-list” included a compact boulder wall so they could experience a totally new form of exercise. So we supported the “toys, games and sports equipment campaign” and was able – together with other sponsors – to fulfil the children’s wish for more fun and exercise.