There is no denying the fact that many of Germany’s forests are not in good shape. Drought and pest infestations have already destroyed hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest across Germany.

Yet trees are important carbon sinks! They remove around two billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year, around six per cent of total global CO2 emissions.

This means that planting trees is an important and long-term investment in our future, which is why IC Immobilien Gruppe supports reforestation projects in partnership with HIH Property Management GmbH (HPM), including projects to convert coniferous forests into mixed forests.

One thing is clear: By the time young forest areas can store a significant amount of CO2, we will have already exceeded the Paris Climate Agreement’s 1.5 °C limit. So, in order to slow climate change, we need to do more than just reforest, we also need to protect our existing forests and sustainably reduce our own carbon footprint.

As a first step, IC Immobilien and HPM have purchased a total of 500 trees – one tree for each of our two companies’ employees – and as soon as the weather permits, these saplings will be planted in the Taunus Mountains

For IC Immobilien Gruppe and HPM, these tree plantings represent the starting signal for further joint forest protection and reforestation projects throughout Germany. We will provide regular updates on tree planting campaign here and let you all know just how well our saplings are getting on.

This is an issue that is very close to our hearts and we would be delighted if our employees and business partners were to join us in actively supporting projects for the preservation and reforestation of our local forests.