Sustainability is an important topic for IC Immobilien Gruppe. Doing business sustainably is a management task that results from environmental and social developments in conjunction with economic aspects. Our basis for sustainable business is the ESG concept which is also followed by our clients, investors and business partners. ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance, and is an extension of the long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility concept.

Sustainability is an important element in our corporate culture

As a full service provider we regard it as both a mandate and motivation to ensure greater sustainability in real estate management. This is not merely a case of the environmentally-friendly and socially-compatible operation of commercial real estate in all asset classes and the selection of the corresponding sub-contractors; taking into account sustainability aspects means encompassing the entire life cycle of a property – from its planning, construction, use and modernisation through to possible later demolition – and affects all the participants in the individual project phases. Sustainable real estate management entails ensuring the burden on the environment and the use of resources are kept as low as possible.

On the one hand, social responsibility for us means assuming responsibility for our employees, yet also embracing our responsibility to society. Together with our employees we endeavour to make a contribution by supporting selected social projects, organisations and facilities. We practise diversity and inclusion, actively promoting constructive and respectful interaction with one another based on a spirit of partnership.

Our corporate and management culture is characterised not just internally by fairness, transparency, reliability and trust, but also in our business dealings with clients, investors and business partners. So as to meet the diverse and ever-growing requirements placed on us, and also our own standards and aspirations, our group of companies has laid down policies which define the values for our daily activities. These form a uniform legal and ethical code of conduct, preventing all forms of discrimination, and helping us to identify and avoid potential conflicts of interest and misconduct.